Disco XT is a versatile audio playback/DJ/alter application
with tools for mixing/joining/editing/effecting and organizing audio files/music

Suitable for both real-time (on location)
non real-time use (creating audio files)

Includes a multi-layer audio looping and sequencing tool with effects and mixing.

Several customization options, from colors, tabs/pages, screen size to keyboard.

The characters XT are often thought to be a shortening of the word "extended".

Latest version is v7.x.x from 2014.
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New in version 7: Compile Layers / Dicompla:
a multi-layer audio looping and sequencing tool with effects and mixing.

Compile Layers Features (included in Disco XT)
Quick audio file start offset/play duration adjustment.
Adjust tempo, rate, reverse, loop-within-loop, panning and equalizers.
Add multiple audio files to play simultaneously (multiple layers).
Add effects to individual layers, to all layers or to all main output.
Adjust effect parameters to change dynamically during playback with timeline point editor.
Create multiple loops to form a playlist/song from the loops.
Organize loops to folders.
Repeat all/repeat one modes.
Rendering/export to audio files with several options (render all loops, selected loop, loops separately, layers as separate files).
Optionally BPM synced loop lengths and navigation, auto BPM detect, waveform grid views/snapping.
Recording line-in/microphone or the additional players.
Three instances of the tool available each with separate crossfader for realtime use.
Saving/opening created documents.
Effects include: reverb, delay, chorus/flanger, dynamics compressor/expander, EQs, filters, distortion.
Several different tempo/time/pitch adjustment types to select with adjustable parameters.
Audio peaking processor to remove/keep other than peaks/loud notes/hits.
Load audio files by drag and drop or by using a fully-featured audio file library with search, folder lists, prelistening.

Disco XT
Automix playlist playback and manual mixing modes.
2 decks/players with mixer.
5 additional decks (C D E F G) with built-in mixer and playlist.
Multiple cue points.
Recording audio output.
Export playlist as audio (faster than recording).
Interface available as white or dark-grey.
Looping a part of audio file with loop in/out, loop memory,
loop left/right, go, adjust length.
Editable transition presets (add silence between songs, adjust fade lengths).
Transition editor for editing upcoming song offset, fade-in/fade-out and effects.
Add samples to play between songs.
Effect parameter automation for transitions.
EQs: fully adjustable or hi,mid,low knobs, lowpass/highpass filters.
Effects: reverb, delay, chorus/flanger, compressor/expander, multiband pitch shifter.
Multi-band limiter equalizer with effects.
Automatic and manual (tapping) BPM counter.
Auto skip silence/quietness from song beginning/end.
Option to use iTunes playlists and library
(protected AAC (m4p) is not supported).
Playlist editing, playlist folders, artwork browser, artist/album/genre lists, folder view.
Song waveforms/peak views.
Microphone input.
Separate speakers/headphones(cue) output option.
10 Sample/jingle players with sample cropping editor (each can hold up to 40 samples).
Customizable keyboard controling.
Basic hardware controller support (buttons, sliders, knobs).
Customizable layout/interface with selectable items, tabs and sub-tabs.
and other features...

Supported file formats: MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC (on Windows requires Quicktime), unprotected WMA (on Windows)

- Minimum Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Tiger).
- Universal Binary: Intel and PowerPC (G4,G5).
- Works on OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8.

- Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


Right click image for larger resolution

Players A/B, waveforms with entire song shown below, transition editor, mixer, library and playlist list and main playlist on right side.

Players A/B (smaller version) with multiple cue points, looping controls (from right clicking player) and then effects added. Library and playlist list and main playlist on right side.

Sampler (without sample crop editor or controls shown), then 2 of the 3 available additional decks with built-in mixer and playlist. Library and playlist list below.

This tab has players and mixer hidden and has more area for library with browser lists and for main playlist on right side.


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Disco XT (C) 2001-2013 Aleksi Strandberg.