Main List Menu


Selects/opens the default playlist to the main playlist. When the default playlist is selected, it is automatically saved when Disco XT is exitted, for other playlists, the program asks "Save Changes?" and asks to select a save save location for the playlist file.

Select this default playlist for live playback, as this mode allows to select 'Remove Songs After Playing' which cleans played songs from the top of the playlist.


Creates a new empty playlist and opens it to the main playlist.


Open a playlist to the main playlist, previously saved with 'Save' from this 'Main List' menu.


Save the main playlist content as a Disco XT playlist file.

This saves playlists as files to disk instead of adding to the Disco XT playlists/sources list on the left side. Saved playlist files include all information such as transitions, offsets, effects, cue points, so the playlist can be played exactly as it was created. The playlists do not include any audio files or audio data.

Playlists can also be saved to the sources list on the left side.

Alternative option is to save the playlist to the sources list on the left side, either by clicking 'Copy to Sources' above the main playlist, or by creating a new playlist from 'File' menu and then selecting all items on the main playlist and select Edit > Copy, then opening the created playlist in sources and select Edit > Paste.

Save As

Save another copy of the main playlist to a different location.

Copy Audio Files Next to Saved

Creates a folder next to the saved playlist file, such as 'playlist_name Audio Files' and copies files on the playlist to that folder automatically during 'Save'. If files are removed from the playlist the files are removed from that folder. The files are referred by the folder next to the saved file so the playlist file can be moved to another computer or to another location on the disk as long as the 'Audio Files' folder is next to the playlist file.

Start Playlist

Sets play mode to Automix (if not already) and loads first two songs from main playlist to decks A+B and starts playing the first song. Then this button changes to 'Stop Playlist' which stops playback of decks and sets the current song back to start, and if 'Remove Songs After Playing' in Mix menu is not checked, playlist is set back to the start of the playlist. To just pause playlist keeping current song position and position in the playlist, select 'Pause Playlist' instead or click Play/Pause button of the player.

Playlist from Start

Only available when "Remove Songs after Playing" has been unselected: When a file has been played, the playlist position moves downwards in the main playlist instead of removing songs from the top of the playlist. This sets playlist position back to the start (to the top of the main playlist).

Pause Playlist

Play or pause the currently playing song keeping the current playback position.

Fade Now

In Automix mode song is transitioned to the next on the main playlist automatically near the end of the song. Select this if you need to move to the next song on the list before that. This is also as a button in 'Playback Ctrl' device and that button can be right clicked to select a transition preset from a popup menu for only this transition.

You can also use this 'Fade Now' to change the next song to be the currently playing song by starting playback of the next song (deck on right), keeping current song paused (deck on left), then selecting 'Fade Now' it then just removes that previous song from left without doing any transition.

Fade Now Play Later

Select to enable/disable this mode. When enabled, selecting 'Fade Now' or pressing 'Fade Now' button, after the transition is done, inserts the currently playing song to the end of the main playlist, with the previous playback position, so the song can be resumed in almost same position as where it left (remaining of the song).

Remove Songs After Playing

When enabled,
song is removed from the top of the main playlist when the song is played and another song starts to play, keeping the currently playing song as the first item on the top of the playlist. This is useful for creating a long continuous mix such as playback for realtime event, but as items are removed from the playlist, to be able to play the playlist again (if needed), the playlist needs to be saved as a copy by clicking 'Copy to Source' button above the main playlist, or by selecting all songs on the main playlist, and then select 'Copy' and then select a playlist from the sources and select 'Paste'.

When disabled,
the playlist playhead moves downwards in the playlist when a song is played and the next song starts, this is often better when working on creating a mix of playlist for saving to a file/ audio export, where the playlist does not have to be edited/altered during playback.

Export as Audio...

Exports the entire playlist as an audio file with created transitions and effects. The exported audio can be splitted to several tracks/files automatically or manually in the 'Recorded Audio' window. See topic 'Recorded Audio'.

Process All Songs...

Usually not needed as preprocessing is done automatically by the program (slowly on background). Preprocesses all songs on main playlist faster: when editing transitions for multiple items with transition editor the user does not need to wait for preprocessing to finish after this initial preprocessing.