Keyboard Control

Much of the program is controllable with a keyboard. Apart from menu shortcuts, there is very minimal default keyboard setup and the user needs to define keys for functions. Edit menu > Keyboard Setup.

Setting Shortcuts

'Ignore Arrow Up/Down' is checked by default, this allows to navigate within the shortcut list with arrow keys. If you wish to assign up/down arrows for a function (default is already set to song list up/down) you need to temporarily uncheck this.

To clear shortcuts, select one or more rows and then click 'Clear Selected' or just right click one of the items.

You can narrow down the shortcut list with a selection other than 'All' or by entering some text to the search field.

Looking at the shortcut list..

There are multiple items 'Deck'. These are decks A,B (left, right) decks C,D,E, and also the small prelistening players above the song lists.
There is also 'Deck Selected', this can be any of the previous (A,B,C...) and there are keyboard shortcuts in the list to select destination for it: 'Selected Deck ___'

Devices of the main window can be shown or hidden: Devices menu: ---
Sampler shortcuts.
List navigation shortcuts.

To select tab pages 1-10 (from left) and Sub-tabs A B (tabs within tabs).

Key Groups

First, a popup menu says 'Group 1 (Always)'. Always describes that this is the first (main) group and it is always enabled. New keyboard groups can be created with + button or removed with X button.

Purpose of these groups is to be able to set same key such as 'T' for different function in different groups. Then, a shared key is set to select which of the key groups is selected/activated.

So, group 1 (Always): these keys are always active while other groups need to be selected, only one group can be selected at a time.

Using groups is optional and only meaningful if you are otherwise running out of keys.

Enter name for new groups below the popup. This name will appear to the top of the shortcut list as 'sel groupname'. sel = select. In first (main) group set the shortcuts to select the groups.