Edit menu > Hardware Controller.

This configures an USB device (controller) to control Disco XT (with buttons, knobs and/or sliders).

Support of Disco XT for these is limited: common controls should be available, such as knobs, sliders and buttons. Features such as jog wheels are often programmed differently for each controller type/manufacturer and Disco XT does not support these.

In the hardware controller window, first click 'New' to create a new controller setup, it is named "New Setup".

Then to configure a button, select a button of Disco XT from the list of buttons and when selected, press a button in the hardware controller to to set it to the selected button. Number in the column next to the button name should change from 0 to some number.

Usually 'Toggle Button' is correct, but for a button that should be released when releasing the button in controller, select 'Button' instead. Such as pressing down to start playing and releasing the button up to stop playing.

To configure a knob or slider, select 'Controls' from the popup, until the list columns change to 'Control'. Decks are listed as left(A) right(B) and C,D,E. Then when an item is selected, move a knob or slider to set it.

If the slider works opposite to the controller, select 'Control Inverted' by clicking on 'Control' column.

If a knob does not have a start/end in the controller (a freely scrolling knob) the control type should be changed to "Infinite Control".

A button 'Set LED' is available to turn LED lights on/off in controllers. Select an item in the list with 'led' in the end of the name, click 'Set Led' and then navigate within the LED indexes until the correct LED lids, then click 'OK'. Led support is currently very limited (only decks A/B play/pause/cue/headphones).

At the end of the list are temp knob / sliders 1-10. These are temporary knobs and the control target is selected later in the main window of Disco XT.
After setting a knob or slider in the controller to one or more of the temp knobs, close this configuration window, and then to connect these, right-click a knob or slider in the main window while holding shift-key and select 1-10 from the menu. This connection is valid until the app is quit / closed.