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Disco XT
Version History

Version 7.5
July 18, 2014.
- Windows version is finally updated, previous version was 7.2.8
- Small changes/fixes.
- Replaced some OS save/file dialogs (optional, Prefs>Misc).

Version 7.4.9
June 23, 2014.
- Fixed sampler keyb keys not working.
- Fixed master volume / crosf midi controls not working.
- Fixed audio stuck when "double buffer" was enabled.
- Du Mbeddy effect: setting "R or Amp" to full sets to distort mode.
- Audio output saved with "move file" option openS quicker to the decks.
- Transition preset (automix) can be changed with keyb shortcut.

Version 7.4.8
June 17, 2014.
- Fixed issue with loading files to sampler.
- Fixed issue where temp recorded audio files were not removed properly.

Version 7.4.7
June 16, 2014.
- 'Year' is selectable for browsing.
- List of customizable "type/category" fields, set by right-click and then browseable (such as "Spoken Word").
- Most of 'Compile layers' is made keyboard/midi accessable.
- All effect parameters are configurage to a midi controller.
- Tempo modifiers are configurable to a midi controller.
- Option to write/save notes to songs, from 'View' Menu (app notes) and to 'Compile Layers'.
- Fixed issue with midi control.
- Fixed issue with multiple keyb shortcut groups.

Version 7.4.2
May 22, 2014.
- Black out.

Version 7.4<.2
May 11, 2014.
- Right-click browser-lists to select 'At Least n Items' filter.
- Durations as single number (1 min,2min...) to browser lists.
- Option to save recorded audio as WAVE 32bit float (almost instant).
- RAM mode option added to preferences > misc, 256MB by default, use RAM memory for audio data cache, reduces disk use and is faster.
- Tempo from idle smoother crossfade functional again.
- Added support for using on screen resolutions less than 1024pixels wide with switchable key shortcuts for left/right side.
- Current tab may be selected from main menus or by right-clicking.
- Dragging item over tab select switches tab.
- Clock may be hidden.
- Record decks c,d,e independelty from main record/output (right-click "...")
- Decks C,D,E logged to play log sand better log logic
- Tempo adjust of the program can be used with viewing video files (no playlist support) (deck, right-click "...")
- Main effect chain n.3 does not effect decks C,D,E,F,G.
- New effect type added for reducing loud notes, altering note dynamics, and distorting.
- Main effect chain n.4 does not effect Comp Layers.
- Deck effects audible for headphone output also.
- Double buffer option to audio prefs and "Mix" menu: By adding some latency/delay, audio hiccups/interruptions are less likely.
- Option do disable wave scroll for comp layers, from document name > sub menu.

Version 7.4
April 3, 2014.
- New effect type: EW Bander (multi-band pitch-shifter).
- New tempo adjust mode: EWB4.
- Option to fade-in/fade-out start/pause playlist (from 'Main List' menu or by right-clicking 'Start').
- Batch process effects/tempo/rate/pitch for items (as new saved audio files) by right-clicking.
- "Export as audio singly" available in 'Playlist' menu, there also : export loops as audio files option (for sample extraction).
- Added 'Record Mic/Line-in to new file' utility (to File menu).
- Add one or two audio samples to a transition, such as spoken word or audio fx sound between the main files. (click 'Sm' button in transition editor to edit).
- Added option to place different song load destinations above the library (such as main list, deck A...), devices menu: Drop Dest.
- With 'Collapsible Devices' option, the screen height usage can be reduced by selecting 'Hide Keeping Collapsed'.
- Fixed possible crash on unsupported file load.
- Fixed 'Decks' menu keyb shortcuts not working.
- Added "Show/Hide devices above cursor" keyboard shortcut option.
- Added simple video syncing support to 'compile layers' feature (mac only).
- Fixed playlist delete not working when 'side editor' was enabled.
- Adjust knob holding shift for finder adjust.
- Adjust tempo slider while holding down shift to temporarily adjust rate (improved pitch bend).
- New keyb shortcuts and some improvements to keyb shortcut editing.
- Some improvements and fixes to hardware controller support.
- Added support for multiple hardware controllers simultaneously.
- Both controller/midi and keyb edit windows can be hidden behind the main window to test before 'done'.
- Play files with a higher sample rate (such as 96K) with current output sample rate (right-click deck 'tempo/rate').
- Right-click loop-crossfade knob to set to 'Sample Mode' (play once), right-click loop-out to set from cue point instead of loop-in.
- 'Marked as underline/strikeout...' option for files with optional sound notice.
- Menus can be accessed with keyboard and left/right/up/down arrows.
- Added right-click menu to load songs to decks A/B (right-click jog-wheel) to decks C,D,E... (Right-click sync) and transition sample (right-click wave).
- Fixed possible freeze on wake.
- Increased gain knob amount.
- Fixed audio-quality/clicking noise issue with limiter.
- File browser locations list may be right-clicked for additonal options.
- Comp La: Added 'Wide buffer' option (right-click document title) which reduces audio interruptions..
- Comp La: Added 'Open files..' option to right-click layers list.
- Added view song info and comment (all tag fields) to right-click song and deck keyb shortcut.
- Some other fixes/changes.

Version 7.2.8
December 26, 2013.
- Multiband limiter EQ with effects and customizable parameters, available for main output and for the comps for mastering.
- New effect type 'EQ Big Pa' which is same as 'EQ Big' but it instead has three param EQs instead of the low/high shelves.
- Compile layers: lock dynamically adjusted effect parameter points during change of part length.
- Compile layers: fixed part becoming disabled after another part was removed.
- Compile layers: new effect selection 'File' which applies the effects to all instances of that file in different parts, usable for equalizing the same file in one place.

Version 7.2.3
December 17, 2013.
- Fixed record save not working.

Version 7.2.2
December 1, 2013.
- Fixed artwork reading not working after previous update.
- Few other fixes.

Version 7.2.1
October 18, 2013.
- Fixed 'unable to write...' issue occuring on some users (development message).
- Fixed issue with pic lib window.

Version 7.1.9
October 5, 2013.
- Oops.

Version 7.1.8
October 3, 2013.
- A few fixes.
- Comp: Folders feature.
- Playlist list and prelisten player is available for library (on top) on limited screen size.
- Deck C,D,E and comp tempo percent can be dragged to adjust value.
- Double click sub-tab to hide the content.
Version 7.1.7
September 29, 2013.
- A few fixes.
- Multiple song libraries / multiple playlist lists, from 'View' menu.
- Browsing lists show number of items (32).
- Menus can be accessed on a limiter screen size.
- Full screen mode for Windows system.

Version 7.1.5
September 7, 2013.
- Filter effect can be used in dual mode with both the LP/HP filters (holding down shift).
- Filter effect can be used in band-pass mode (right click 'filter mode' select.).
- Comp:
- Added 'Fade to This' menu option.
- Added 'Test len' button.
- Added 'Duplicate part as a similar part (Part 'Edit Any' mode).
- Some fixes to the comp.
- Added 'Peaker' processor to tempo modes, which cuts out other than drum hits/loud notes/peaks from audio with adjustable parameters.
- Added 'Omitpo' tempo mode which creates flanger/delay effect.
- Added 'Tempo Con' effect which connects to player/deck tempo controls (for transition editor or the comps).
- Reduced "Compile Layers" memory usage.
- Fixed browser selections clearing on library tab change.
- Fixed distortion issue with dynamics limiter, was audible mostly on non-rythmic material.
- Fixed issue with mono files.
- Fixed crossfader/headphone disabled in 4-channel output mode.
- Goes to sleep mode if after inactive for a while.

Version 7.1.2
August 28, 2013.
- Few fixes.
- Updated user guide with pictures.

Version 7.1.1
August 23, 2013.
- Fixed sampler editor not loading aufio files.
- Fixed playlist tempo/rate apply not working.
- 'Remove duplicates' playlist option.

Version 7.1.0
August 18, 2013.
- Fixed autogain issue with some formats such as AIFF.
- Fixed crash on launch when second device was set.
- Reduced memory usage of Compile Layers.
- Some compile Layers optimizations.
- Fixed Compile Layers crash on part delete.
- Added more smoothing to volume sliders.
- Added 'Edit Any' mode to Compile Layers, which allows to edit a file/layer in one part but changes are made to multiple parts.
- Right-click brake for length options.
- 'Fade Now' no longer occasionally does not work with long transitions when songs are being loaded.
- Added 'missing files relocate' to Windows version and Mac version relocate was improved/fixed.

Version 7.0.8
August 8, 2013.
- Improved reverb effect.
- Option to scroll before file start to add silence before starting playback (in Mix menu).
- Fixes to Compile Layers feature.
- When changing transition type, it is asked whether to keep existing transitions.
- Loops exitted with 'Out' no longer load again on next load (Unless loop Go button is pressed).
- Added delay Q param.
- Comp Layer and transition effects: adjusting tempo/pitch/rate with hidden 'Common' effect param.
- Fixes to dual adjust feature.
- Fixes to dynam effect.
- Changing images folder no longer requires relaunch.

Version 7.0.7
August 3, 2013.
- Recorded audio can be restored/saved upon next launch if the previous session was not closed properly.
- Couple fixes.
- New playlist/folder can be added alternatively by right-clicking playlists list.
- Fixed memory release issue with recorded audio save/add to library
- Fixed split main/headphones L/R output not working.

Version 7.0.4
August 1, 2013.
- Added search field and narrowing selection to hardware controller setup.
- Comp Layers: few changes and fixes.
- New menu 'Main List' with new,open...,save (and copy audio files option) for saving playlists to file on disk.
- Fixed a column sorting issue.
- Fixed effect adjustments not being copied when copying playlist items.
- Copy/paste to right-click menus
- Fixed export audio stalling.

Version 7.0.1
July 26, 2013.
- Fixed hardware controller setup not opening.

Version 7.0
July 23, 2013.
- Colorize images folder (from original white images).
- "Compile layers" tool for creating multi-layer loops and songs/playlists.
- Loop cueing improved and some looping issues fixed.
- Sources on Left Side (next to devices) view option.
- New "Distort" effect type added.
- New "Dynam" (compressor/expander) effect type added.
- BPM detection is often available for files less than few minutes.

Version 6.9
July 11, 2013.
- Small changes.

Version 6.8.9
June 4, 2013.
- Drag song title from deck A/B display.
- Included Dirac LE tempo mode option.
- Fixed errors in pvvppvp2 tempo mode.
- Fixed offset play prelisten not working.
- Fixed mono output prelisten not working.
- Forward/backward adjusts rate instead of tempo.
- Other changes.

Version 6.8.8
June 1, 2013.
- Optimizations to song database save/open/usage/sorting.
- Search field autocomplete option.
- Custom fields 1-5.
- Field edit window (right-click song, replacement for previous edit info).
- Decks A B separately view option.
- Deck E playlist is saved properly.
- Relocate missing folders after check for missing. (Mac OS X only)
- "Add From Playlist to Library If Not There"added to File menu.
- Fixed deck timers/display freeze sometimes.
- Changing display text color now applies the text color correctly (instead of list text color).

Version 6.8.6
May 25, 2013.
- Fixes
- user data/preferences folder is different for each version so updating this software and then going back to old version does not remove data.
-Columns can be copied from one tab to another or from one list to another.
-Column fields can be swapped by dragging in the columns window.
-new rewritten help window within the app.

Version 6.8.5
May 18, 2013.
- additional decks C,D,E with mixer controls and playlists.
- loops stay, loop cue, loop memory
- loop with one click (right-click loop in).
- loop time displays with scroll
- more options to modify active loop (shift, change length, go...)
- sync lengths of two loops on different players and sync tempo / rate to loop length. (Right-click 'M / Sync' or loop length digit display
- entire wave (second view) option (right-click player background).
- Additional tempo modes (right-click 'Tempo' to select) (experimental, some are effects type modifiers). - apply bpm or tempo/rate to selected items on plist (right-click "tempo").
- separate rate/tempo/pitch control.
- alter tempo of deck by clicking and scrolling bpm value.
- alter tempo of deck by double clicking bpm.
- double click bpm tap counter bpm to type value
- bpm match/sync can be clicked twice (for example 60 bpm or 120 bpm).
- Right-click wave to step back 2 seconds.
- changed dry/wet behavior of delay/reverb effects.
- decreased default frequency of hi/treble knob feature.
- right-click 'bookmarks' play to set it to 'wait' mode: playback starts when volume slider is moved.
- new tempo modes (right-click 'Tempo') (experimental).
- recorded audio to decks A,B,C,D,E or to playlist quick buttons.
- always record option.
- Option to disable wave scroll repeat sound.
- Shift-hold jog wheel for faster scroll.
- Gain knob gain can be adjusted in prefs.
- fix: right-click sub-menus show up on left side if there is not enough width on right side.
- prelisten through main output quick switch in 'mix' menu.
- Keyboard control editor has popup to narrow the list (Decks, Sampler, Other...)
- limiter option in player (right-click ... button) (previously only for main output).
- 10 temporary knob/sliders listed to MIDI controllers, assign in main window with right-click+shift key, works until app is closed
- some other changes.

Version 6.8.1
April 13, 2013.
- removed unexpected beep sounds.

Version 6.8
April, 2013.
- adding effects to song transitions (no presets support for that at this time).
- some fixes.

Version 6.7.9
February 8, 2013.

- improvements to sample playback (see main www page > recent).
- multiband limiter.
- some fixes.

Version 6.7.8
January 19, 2013. (for windows)

- restore key shortcuts bug.
- audio not initializing (mac).

Version 6.7.7
January 18, 2013. (for mac)

- was missing support for some keyboard keys.
- improved keyboard shortcut setup.
- bookmarks feature (multiple cue points, right click player background)
- customizable settings folder name (multiple settings on same machine).
- list player waveform.
- added meter to bpm tap counter.
- other changes.
- better default layout (if no previous settings).
- prelisten continue to next file (option).
- prelisten remember played file and position when changing playlist (option).

Version 6.7.4
January 3, 2013.

- Windows: fix: mp3 files not loading.
- fixed issue with effects (happened after relaunch).
- easier effect adding.
- hide/show shortcuts.
- added big EQ.
- MIDI button list identical to keyboard.
- piano keys can be used as buttons.
- right click wave zoom for entire song (key shortcut also).
- fixes to effects.
- mic buffer size / latency preferences.
- decks / buttons graphics partial freeze if clicking nowhere.
- resizing updates before mouse up.
- multiple cue points (no buttons, only keys).
- waveforms appear larger (height) when zoomed out.

Version 6.7.3
December 11, 2012.

- fixed drag & drop freeze.
- added crossfade to tempo slider idle mode (mac).
- fixed 'fade now' not working on manual mode.
- other fixes.

Version 6.7.2
November 23, 2012.

- added few preferences.
- deck timer bug.

Version 6.7.1
November 21, 2012.

- Windows version (last was 6.6.2).
- fixes.

Version 6.7
November, 2012.

- fix: buffering issue that repeated end of song occasionally.
- fix: possible issue with USB audio device.
- better and customizable song start/end/normalization settings.
- song splitter.
- new columns: folder, < folder etc.
- m4a import: genre index is imported).
- re-read tags.
- sort / reverse order playlist options.
- fix: play log issues and shows last play date column.
- tempo slider modes: off, rate.
- Erase user data option to completely uninstall.
- options for launching faster (disable auto generated lists, faster search generation).
- disable crossfader in auto mode if no head out (option).
- file skip key shortcuts (+/- 2 secs etc)
- 2nd device tab option.
- fix: gapped transition end calculations.
- improved: transition editor, key shortcuts, playlist clock/counter...
- auto resize list columns.
- more preferences
- customize texts/images.
- "exact search"
- search or selected artist, album (key shortcut).
- new limiter.
- lib tab improvements.
- other improvements.
- other fixes.

Version 6.6.2
June, 2012.

- Fix: deck waveforms and timers freezed.
- Fix: audio output dropped if menus where accessed for more than 30 seconds.
- Fix: rare freeze.
- Waveform zoom is now slider control.
- More responsive user interface when audio files load and faster audio file loading.
- Start/end threshold in transition editor.
- Fix: Sampler bug.
- option to show 1/10 or 1/100 seconds.
- faster launch.
- uses less memory.
- Increased graphics brightness.
- Optimizations.
- Relocate missing files automatically after 'file: check for missing files' (mac).
- Increased max recording time to 6 hours.
- fixes to limiter/compressor.
- other fixes.


Version 6.6 (MAC)
May, 2012.

- Fix: deck waveforms and timers freezed.
- Fix: audio output dropped if menus where accessed for more than 30 seconds.
- Fix: rare freeze.
- Waveform zoom is now slider control.
- More responsive user interface when audio files load and faster audio file loading.
- Start/end threshold in transition editor.
- Fix: Sampler bug.
- option to show 1/10 or 1/100 seconds.
- faster launch.
- uses less memory.
- Increased graphics brightness.
- Optimizations.
- Relocate missing files automatically after 'file: check for missing files' (mac).
- Increased max recording time to 6 hours.
- fixes to limiter/compressor.
- other fixes.

Version 6.5.3
November 28, 2011.
- Fixed crash if trying to load a missing file to player.

Version 6.5.2
November 26, 2011.
- Fixed issue with chorus/flanger effect.
- Fixed license code issue on Windows.
- Fixed very slow launch caused by artwork reading bug (several minutes).
- Disabled automatic artwork reading.
- Pitch bend buttons now work again.
- Re-added 'Manual Deck View' option.
- Fixed clicking sounds when starting/stopping playback or scrolling waveform if pitch-lock was enabled (Mac).
- Fixed rare crash on launch.
- Improved the adjusting of 'My Rating' values.
- Manually tapped BPM values and my ratings are saved to a separate file to the 'Documents' folder for backup. The backup file is automatically used if the files need to be imported again (such as a different location) or loaded from iTunes.

Version 6.5
October 7, 2011.
- Fixes.
- Improved brake and resampler quality.

Version 6.4.9
October 7, 2011.
- Fixed freeze with transition editor preview.
- Fixed rare freeze with player bpm detection.
- Tags of FLAC files are read when importing.
- Fixed crash on launch (or later) on rare cases.
- Fixed bug with 4 direction mouse wheels.
- Some optimization.

Version 6.4.8
August 29, 2011.
- Fixed issue with filter effect.
- Added phaser effect.
- Improved EQ effect (three bands availabe in a single effect).
- Fixed rare issue with album artwork.
- Fixed issue with automixing short songs (less than minute).
- Fixed issue with 'trim ends' where it rarely changed song at the middle of song.
- Improved automatic gain control accuracy.
- Improved master compressor.
- Check for missing files.
- Import / Export playlists.
- Added 'Song Color' feature.
- Added Horizontal list scrollbars (optional):
- Undo/Redo now works for 'playlist side editor'.

Version 6.4.6
August 12, 2011.
- Fixed audio cutting out issue.
- Other fixes.
- 'Check for new files' is faster.

Version 6.4.5
August 10, 2011.
- Using Auto List as realtime is now optional: instead of removing songs that have been played the list head moves downwards.
- Transition Editor can now be used for the entire Auto List with 'Transition Navigator', this allows to create mixes beforehand without doing the mixing and editing in realtime. Song tempo, EQs and gain can also be adjusted for each item beforehand.
- Transitions, tempo, EQ and gain settings are stored with playlists and available at a later time.
- Added 'Save' button above 'Auto List' to save the Auto List with a name to the playlists list.
- Audio files load faster to the sampler.
- Improved 'Chorus/Flanger' effect.
- Changed 'Fullscreen' mode behaviour.
- Fixes.

Version 6.4.1
June 29, 2011.
- Fixes
- Support for iPods (iPod Classic and iPod Nano).

Version 6.4
June 17, 2011.
- Fixed issue with MP3 meta tags.
- Fixed freezing issue on Mac OS X.
- Optimizations.

Version 6.3.9
June 14, 2011.
- Fixes.
- Separate play logs for sessions.

Version 6.3.8
May 30, 2011.
- Fixes.

Version 6.3.6
April 16, 2011.
- Windows: Fixes audio latency issues.
- Fixes graphics bugs.
- 'Export Auto List' option.

Version 6.3.5
April 5, 2011.
- Improvements to effects.
- Improvements to sampler.
- Windows: fixed distorted audio issue.
- Fixes.

Version 6.3.1
March 27, 2011.
- Mac: Fullscreen mode is now optional.
- Mac: Audio files can be drag and dropped from finder.

Version 6.3
March 18, 2011.
- Device tabs.
- Tempo grids with tempo snapping / beat match.
- Beat synced looping with in,out, halve, double, shift left/right.
- 'Random Color' option added.
- Fixed interaction bug with offset play and transition editor.
- Added progress bars for song loading to editors and mixer.
- Moved transition editor filter change popups to top left corners.

Version 6.1.7
March 12, 2011
- Fixed issue with play log saving.
- No longer freezes if user tries to use a bad audio driver (on Windows).
- Fixed issue with audio recording (on Mac).
- 'Offset Play' prelistening now works with separate headphone listening.

Version 6.1.5
February 2, 2011
- 6 customizable dual adjustment pads.
- File browser location list color is now correct if user has adjusted coloring.
- Files can now be dragged from Windows Explorer (on Windows).
- Non supported hardware controller jog wheels can now be programmed for use.
- Hardware controller jog wheels no longer adjust incorrect deck if deck B is on the left side.
- Hardware controller jog wheels no longer jump to incorrect position when a song has been changed.
- Changing from Manual mixing mode to Automix no longer occasionally sets the now playing song incorrectly.
- Deck A/B on left/right side change is animated.

Version 6.1
January 24, 2011
- Status bar for song lists that shows the number of songs and total duration.
- Music list side editor to browse music library and edit a playlist at the same time.
- Keyboard shorctus can be set to change to prev/next page of artwork browser.
- Artwork at sides now takes full space available rather than showing small thumbnails.
- Devices can be collapsed.
- Devices can be shown/hidden from 'Devices' menu.
- Order of devices can be changed in the main window.
- Tempo value percent % is shown in the deck display.
- Effects have level meters.
- Effect parameter changes are shown as values in the display.
- File browser for accessing audio files from the computer quickly in the main window.
- Fixed a bug where song duration was sometimes shown incorrectly in the display of the decks.
- Tabs now work for all sources and not just for 'Library'.
- Offset play device for starting a song at a precise position when mixing in manual mode.
- Search field and other filters can be cleared when changing source of the music list.
- Auto List Cue Player now has a 'save cue point' button.
- Sampler has sidechain feature that reduces music volume while a sample is playing.
- Transition Editor prelistening position indicator now stays after stopping prelistening.
- Music List now changes song in preview without double clicking if the preview player is playing.
- 'Clock' column shows the song starting time such as 11:12 AM while 'Starts At' shows the time relative to the beginning of the Auto list.
- Fixed rare issue where command, control, shift keys did not have any effect.
- Last played dates can be cleared from the 'File' menu.
- Two effects chains available for 'Master'.