Right-click Song

Load to Left/Right Deck

Load a single selected item (or first if multiple selected) to the left or to the right deck. These are not shown if mix mode is set to 'Automix': drag the songs to main playlist instead.

Load to Deck C, D, E

Adds selected items to the Deck C playlist and loads the first of the items to Deck C for playback.

Add to Requests

Adds selected items to the requests list. See View Menu:main playlist Requests.

Batch process effects/tempo

Allows to render selected files with effects and tempo/rate/pitch settings. The rendered files are saved as new audio files to the selected location. The rendering is not done in real-time but muted, and usually should be 1-20x faster than real-time playback, however, the main output/playlist is stopped during this batch render.

To render effects:
Select effects you wish to use to the main effects chain:
Devices menu > Effects 1.
From the first popup menu select 'Main' then click the button to add effects and then adjust the effect parameters to suitable.

To render tempo/rate/pitch:
Load any audio file to the left deck 'Deck A'.
In the left deck, adjust tempo,rate and pitch amounts for all of the batch processed audio files. In the batch process window, select 'Maintain Deck A Tempo/rate/pitch'.

In the batch process window, select 'BPM instead of percent' if you wish to set the files to same BPM instead of percent (only works if BPM value was found/saved for the file loaded to the left deck and for the batch process file).

To open the batch process window, select one or more audio files and select 'Batch process effects/tempo', when starting the processing, each file is processed separately.

The text field in the window allows to set name for the new folder created (if 'Create New Folder' is selected) and the text in the field is also added to the file names of the new rendered audio files (such as _edited).

'Add to' allows to place the new rendered audio files to a new playlist in Disco XT or to the same playlist where you selected the files on, or to none.

Move to the Requests

Only available when clicking the main playlist. Adds selected items to the requests list and removes the items from this main playlist.

New Playlist From Selection

Creates a new playlist. Playlist is added to the list of playlists (sources), if a folder is selected, the playlist is added to that folder. Currently selected songs are added to the playlist.

Detect BPM

Analyzes selected audio files for BPM (beats per minute) values. Audio files that already have BPM value are skipped.

Re-read Tags

Re-reads meta-data/tags (such as title, artist fields) from the audio files. If the files were imported without meta-data (quick mode) or if the tags have been modified elsewhere after adding to Disco XT this updates the fields to the disco xt library.

Option to skip tags from File menu> Add to Library.

Re-read tags (keep BPM)

Same but BPM values are not read from files and BPM values set in Disco XT are kept.

Show on Disk

Reveals the file on disk, on Mac, opens the folder in Finder. on Windows, opens the folder in Windows Explorer.


Removes selected files from the current playlist or from the library.

Files that are placed to playlists need to be in the Library list as well. However, if files are removed from library list and the same files are still kept on one of the playlists and Disco XT is exitted and relaunched, the playlist then displays the songs without any meta-data such as title:03%20File1.... To correct this, select 'Add From Playlists to Library If Not There' list.


Adds the selected songs again to the playlist.



Select a color to identify or to separate songs visually. Colors can be edited from 'Edit' menu > Song Colors.


If one or none songs are selected, the entire playlist is shuffled. If two or more songs are selected, only the selected items are shuffled. Shuffle is a random order / separation function.


Shows a sub menu for altering the selected items.

'Remove Duplicates' removes any duplicates of the same audio file on the playlist

Separates by artist (or if all same the by album): such as Artist A song 1, Artist B song 1, Artist C song 1, Artist 1 song 2....

Separation 2
Separates by artist (2x) (or if all same the by album): such as Artist A song 1, Artist A song 2, Artist B song 1, Artist B song 2...

Reverse Order
Inverts the order of selected item, first item becomes the last item and last item becomes the first.

Sort by Title
Sorts selected items by title alphabets.

Sort by Artist
Sorts selected items by artist alphabets.

Sort by Track Num
Sorts selected items by track number.


Shows a sub menu to insert non-audio items to the playlist.

Insert Pause Playlist
When playing songs on main playlist in automix mode, adding this track to the playlist pauses the playlist there until the user resumes it. The song before this "pause playlist track" is played entirely. Another way to add this track is to click "Pause Playlist after this" button in the Playback Ctrl device.

Insert Fade Out
Same as "Insert Pause Playlist" except that this uses different default fade-out/transition for the last song, so the song before this "Fade Out" track is faded out. These two transitions can be edited from Edit menu > Transitions: "For Fade Out" and "For Pause Playlist".

Insert Fade Out & New Rec File
This is only meaningful if selecting 'Export as Audio' from 'Main List' menu to export audio. When the export reaches this track, the track before this is faded out, then the recording/export is stopped and a dialog to save the audio is shown, after saving the recorded audio, the export continues. In the recorded audio window a box 'use these settings' can be checked so the record dialog is not shown for this export again and the files are saved with that first settings instead. Using these tracks allows to export, for example, 2 hours, save it as a file, and then export another 2 hours.

Insert Silent Track...
Inserts a track that loads for playback in automix mode like audio files but is only silence. Specify duration as minutes and seconds. Maximum is 99 minutes.

Insert Text...
Type some text and a track with that text as title is added to the main playlist. This track is not loaded for playback and is for informational visual purposes.

Copy Playlist as Text

Copies all items on the playlist as text to the clipboard in format:
Artist - Title
or title only if no artist field for a song exists.
After that you can open a text editing application and paste the text there.

Copy All Files as Aliases to...

Same as 'Copy All Files to' but this one is a faster and less disk space requiring function that creates file links / aliases that only point to the original files. (Mac OS X only).

Copy All Files to...

Copies files of the current playlist to the selected location on disk, a folder is created there with this playlist name. The defined order of songs in the playlist is maintained (files are renamed with new track number on the left side) but this is not an audio export with transitions (which is available from Main List > Export as Audio), with this function, the original files are simply copied without cue points or transitions etc.

Set Playlist Start

This is only available when 'Remove Songs after Playing' has been unselected from 'Main List' menu and the main playlist has been stopped. This sets the position in the playlist/start of playback. When 'Remove Songs after playing' has been unselected, songs are not removed from the main playlist after playing, instead the playhead moves downwards.

When clicking 'Stop' button on 'Playback Ctrl' or 'Stop Playlist' from 'mix' menu, the playlist is by default set back to start (first item). This can be changed in the preferences > Misc.

To pause playlist keeping the playlist position, click 'Pause' button or select Pause Playlist from 'Mix' meu.

Playlist stop and pause buttons.

Edit Transition

Icon of item selected for editing the transition.

Alternative to clicking < > navigation buttons above the transition editor. Selects which transition to edit: from selected song (faded out) to next from this selected song (faded in). Transition navigation can be separate from main playback of main playlist: when editing transition other than the first item on the main playlist, decks A+B are hidden and the two songs of the current transition are controlled/viewed instead of decks A+B, the decks device normally controls and views decks A+B but if editing a transition such as transition from song 3 to song 4, the decks device controls these (otherwise hidden) transition editor players.

Navigation buttons.