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Disco XT 6.0 Release

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The license comes with free updates to all 6.x versions of Disco XT (until 7.0).

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What's New?

Runs in full screen mode only


User editable tabbed interface
Different features of Disco XT can be put to different tabs. Tabs are like pages. For example, you can have one tab for library browsing and one tab for the sampler. Disco XT has an editor for editing the tabs.


Faster Search
Some users had reported slowness with searching from a large music library. The searches are now faster.

Playlist editing now has Undo/Redo commands in case an accident happens when editing a playlist.

Improved Sampler
Sampler has been redesigned, it has separate play/pause and stop buttons, gain knob for each sample, a timeline to adjust the playback position and clear time elapsed/remaining displays. The editor for loading samples to the sampler is now faster to access and is in the same main window of the program.


Improved Effects
Effects part has been completely redesigned. Each effect is shown as device and you can choose what effects you wish to have available and the order in which the effects are processed (Effect Chains).

Effects include:
Chorus/Flanger. *new
Phaser. *improved
Delay. *improved
Reverb. *a new high quality advanced reverb.
EQ. *new.
Filter. *new.


Improved 'Add to Library' window
The program no longer has the 'File Browser' in the main window but instead the 'Add to Library' has been improved. You have a separate list where you can add folders and songs to so you can import songs from multiple locations at the same time. You can save frequent locations to the 'locations' list and you can also prelisten to songs before importing.


Master Compressor
Disco XT now has a compressor for the master output. This is similar to the 'Limiter' that has been available in Disco XT but the new compressor has several controls which allows to adjust the compressing.


Playing a sample during Transition
Audio samples can be loaded to transitions when creating new transitions. The audio sample plays when a song is changing.


Improved editor for recorded mixes
When you stop recording audio output from Disco XT an editor opens. This editor is for splitting the recorded audio output to separate tracks (such as CD tracks). The editor has been improved to be easier to use.

Improved column editor
Column editor that allows to change what information for songs is shown in the lists has been improved for easier editing.


Improved EQ tuning
EQ tuning that allows to adjust the sound of the Hi, Mid and Low EQs of the mixer now has displays that show the EQs as visual overviews.


New automatic playlists: Disk View, Searches, Last Added.
'Disk View' allows to navigate music library the same way as the audio files are organized on the hard drive to folders.

Searches' logs searches made to the music library. When you search for 'Rock' it will appear to the searches list for making the same search again quicker.

When you add new songs to your Disco XT library the 'Last Added' playlist shows the songs you have last added.


Three key browser for the library (such as genre,artist,album)
You can limit a large list of songs to one or more genres, artists and albums. You can also change what the keys are so you could for example set the first key to 'Composer'.

Improved Artwork Browser
Artwork browser now puts artworks to several pages for more user friendly navigation. Instead of scrolling the list to that position when selecting an artwork, the program now instead hides other items from the list except the selected album.

...and some other improvements and bug fixes.


To download the last version before 6.0, 5.5.7 from 2009, click below:
Download 5.5.7



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