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DJ/Audio software for Mac and Windows.

Realtime features:
Separate headphone listening*, playlist and transition editing and recording audio.

Offline features:
Creating playlists with preset or custom transitions and exporting as audio file(s).

Dual DJ player with looping and waveforms and mixer with crossfader and EQs.
Additional audio players and sample playback.
Multiple page interface to switch between tasks and hide unused features.
Autogain, silence actual start/end detection, microphone input.
BPM tap counter and auto BPM detection**.
Effects: Reverb Fade, Delay, Filter, Voice alteration...
Time-stretch: Multiple (and experimental) time/pitch processors for different uses.

* Requires a second audio interface or a 4-channel audio interface.
** BPM detection accuracy is usable but not very good, better with clear rhythms such as dance.