Integrates seamlessly with iTunes

Disco XT can use all the songs and playlists you've already collected and compiled in your iTunes library - even DRM-protected purchases from the iTunes Store!

Automixing is easy
If you want, Disco XT can mix your songs automatically at the touch of a button. So if you need or want to take a break when mixing at a party, you can!

Includes a number of different fade types and a fade editor.

Looks like a real deck, works like one

Whether you're a novice or experienced DJ, the dual deck and mixer will be immediately familiar.

Make use of waveforms, cueing, looping and three wide-band equalizer (EQ) settings (hi,mid and low) as well as a freely adjustable 10-band equalizer with a number of custom settings. Detects Beats Per Minute (BPM) values.

Recording your mixes couldn't be easier
Disco XT records to AAC audio at the press of a button. You can even set it to only start recording when your first track plays.

You can choose to add your mix automatically to your iTunes library as well.

Listen using headphones

Listen to a song with your headphones without interfering with the main output, so you can cue tracks without anyone else hearing while the music plays on!
Want more? You get more!
Playback samples effortlessly.
Microphone input.
Cover art display for songs as they play.
Unlimited technical support.

Try Disco XT for free
See how great it is for yourself!
Download a free demo. The only limitation is that it runs for 20 minutes at a time. The full version can go on playing as long as you've got the energy to keep going!
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