Version 6.1.5
February 2, 2011.

- 6 customizable dual adjustment pads.
- File browser location list color is now correct if user has adjusted coloring.
- Files can now be dragged from Windows Explorer (on Windows).
- Non supported hardware controller jog wheels can now be programmed for use.
- Hardware controller jog wheels no longer adjust incorrect deck if deck B is on the left side.
- Hardware controller jog wheels no longer jump to incorrect position when a song has been changed.
- Changing from Manual mixing mode to Automix no longer occasionally sets the now playing song incorrectly.
- Deck A/B on left/right side change is animated.

Version 6.1
January 24, 2011.

- Status bar for song lists that shows the number of songs and total duration.
- Music list side editor to browse music library and edit a playlist at the same time.
- Keyboard shorctus can be set to change to prev/next page of artwork browser.
- Artwork at sides now takes full space available rather than showing small thumbnails.
- Devices can be collapsed.
- Devices can be shown/hidden from 'Devices' menu.
- Order of devices can be changed in the main window.
- Tempo value percent % is shown in the deck display.
- Effects have level meters.
- Effect parameter changes are shown as values in the display.
- File browser for accessing audio files from the computer quickly in the main window.
- Fixed a bug where song duration was sometimes shown incorrectly in the display of the decks.
- Tabs now work for all sources and not just for 'Library'.
- Offset play device for starting a song at a precise position when mixing in manual mode.
- Search field and other filters can be cleared when changing source of the music list.
- Auto List Cue Player now has a 'save cue point' button.
- Sampler has sidechain feature that reduces music volume while a sample is playing.
- Transition Editor prelistening position indicator now stays after stopping prelistening.
- Music List now changes song in preview without double clicking if the preview player is playing.
- 'Clock' column shows the song starting time such as 11:12 AM while 'Starts At' shows the time relative to the beginning of the Auto list.
- Fixed rare issue where command, control, shift keys did not have any effect.
- Last played dates can be cleared from the 'File' menu.
- Two effects chains available for 'Master'.


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