Version 4.5.1
April 20, 2008

Fixes issue with Level Check which caused songs occasionally to play without sound.
Fixes issue where iTunes purchased songs played without sound. (Lite version)
Fixes issue with the source selection list.

Version 4.5
April 11, 2008

New sample playback deck.
New semi mix mode.
Limitter for main output.
Recording to AAC supports higher bit rates, up to 256 kbps.
Improved looping feature with loop in and loop out buttons.
Smoother filters.
Improved wave views.
Support for drag and drop from iTunes.
Album art displays for both decks.
Listening to recorded mixes.
Adding tags like album, artist and title for recorded mixes.
Detects BPM for loaded songs much faster.
Improved stablility.
Numerous optimizations and fixes.

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