Disco XT 5 is out!
December 23, 2008

An updated version of Disco XT has been released for Mac and Windows.

What's New?
[both] New high-quality pitch-lock / master tempo.
[both] Improved user interface.
[both] Reduced loading time of MP3 files.
[both] Moved waveform display to separate device.
[both] Added new wide waveform option.
[both] Added 32-band equalizer.
[both] Added artwork browser for browsing library by album art.
[both] Phaser effect added.
[both] Right-click of Cue button works as Cue-play.
[both] Added kill buttons for the high, mid and low EQs.
[both] Option to put library and audio devices to separate tabs.
[both] Safe mode prevents loading song to a playing deck.
[both] Waveform displays are now normalized.
[both] Lowpass and highpass filters can be assigned to the crossfader.
[both] Removed tempo toggle button.
[both] Added tempo sync and tempo reset buttons.
[both] Dragging iTunes playlist to the playlist no longer adds wrong itunes playlist.
[both] Added 'Select Library' and 'Select Playlist' functions to midi programmer.

Disco XT 4.9 is out!
November 23, 2008

An updated version of Disco XT has been released for Mac and Windows.
This is a free update for all licensed users.

What's New?
[mac] [improved] Library previews open up faster.
[mac] [fix] Fixed broken AAC recording.
[mac] [fix] Fixed broken iPod support.
[both] [fix] Library previews not working for iTunes protected songs.
[both] [fix] Master to headphones mix did not work for iTunes protected songs.
[both] [fix] Confirm exit option is prompted correctly.
[both] [fix] Fades with gap between songs no longer cut the playing song short.
[both] [change] Removed the 10-band equalizer.
[both] [new] Jogwheel for adjusting cue points.
[both] [new] Playlog text export.
[both] [new] Playlog printing.
[both] [new] New skins.
[both] [new] New fade types.
[both] [new] Fade selection button.
[both] [new] Manual, semi and Auto Mix mode buttons (previously only through menus).
[both] [new] Button for output limiter / compressor (previously only through menus).
[both] [improved] Master volume now full size slider.
[both] [improved] Headphone and Headphone Mix controls are now knobs.
[both] [improved] Wider three band EQs.
[both] [improved] Option to disable pitch-lock on slower machines.
[both] [improved] Buffersize slider in preferences.
[both] [improved] Faster waveform reading option in preferences.
[both] [improved] Playlist can be moved to the top next to the decks.
[both] [improved] Connecting iPod to the computer after Disco XT has been launched.

Automated license info retrieval
November 7, 2008

If you've lost your download link or license code in a hard drive failure or similar, you may now retrieve your info easily using the automated license retrieval page

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