Disco XT is available in three editions.

Hobbyist Edition, Standard Edition and Professional Edition.
Please read the comparison below to decide which edition suites your needs.

Please try the Demo version of Disco XT before purchasing a license.
The Demo version includes all the features of Disco XT.

Licenses include both Mac OS X and Windows version of Disco XT.

The payment process is handled by PayPal. PayPal is the most trusted and used online payment processing company. You may pay with your Credit Card or Debit Card.

You'll receive an email immediately following your payment with all the information you'll need to download your copy of Disco XT for Mac OS X and Windows.

Your purchase is safe
We can retrieve your license code and your download link at any time without additional cost.
We also provide completely free technical support for licensed users via email.

The license comes with free updates to all 5.x versions of Disco XT.

Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added to your order amount if you live within the European Union. Please note that the VAT we collect is Finnish 22%.

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